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Honghua Lang (10) is recognized as a typical representative of sauce-aroma baijiu by National Standard Committee, a sauce-aroma classic worthy of its name. The ceramic bottle of Honghua Lang (10) is meticulously polished, featuring beautifully flowing bottle lines, radiant red colour, and a style that’s restrained but bold at the same time.

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Grape Variety No
Type No
Country China
Body No
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Brands No
Alcohol Volume 53%
Langjiu Group is a large scale modern enterprise, whose main businesses are manufacturing and marketing various “Lang” brand alcoholic beverages, named after its place of origin – Er Lang Town, in Gulin County Sichuan Province. Er Lang Town is located within the national protected area in the middle reaches of Chishui River, known as the golden triangle of Chinese liquor. With predecessors being "Xuzhi Distillery", "Huichuan Fermenting House" and "Jiyi Fermenting House", Langjiu began in 1898, lasting over a century. Its rich history can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty as "Goujiang Liquor" was well documented in Classic of Poetry. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Langjiu resumed to production in 1956 under the care of Premier Zhou Enlai. Privileged by natural advantages, Langjiu gained its reputation thanks to "four treasures" – natural environment, high quality water, inherited centuries-old technique and Tianbao Cave storage. Over the time Langjiu has won numerous honours including China Quality Award Golden Medal, China Golden Knight Award and China Time-honoured Brand. “Gulin Langjiu Traditional Distilling Craft” was awarded China Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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You're reviewing: SICHUAN GULIN LANG JIU ( HONG HUA LANG 红花郎 ) 10 YRS

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