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CHOYA Single Year. A special blend of at least 3 different ume liqueur batches aged between 1 and 2 years. The ume liqueur is made by macerating Nanko ume in cane spirit. Uses 100% Nanko ume from Kishu. It features the gorgeous scent of Nanko ume that ‘blossoms’ the moment you put it in your mouth, and the crisp acidity that is profound and youthful. A new generation of umeshu that goes very well with meals.
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Grape Variety No
Type Liqueur
Country Japan
Body Medium
Region No
Brands No
Alcohol Volume 15%
Located in Osaka, the company first started as a wine-grape grower in 1914. Later in 1959 CHOYA began production of Umeshu, a traditional Japanese ume fruit liqueur. Today CHOYA is the No.1 Umeshu making company in the world. Our mission is to produce and promote the finest Umeshu made from natural ingredients.

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