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Often the best gatherings are casual and spontaneous. Fortunately, Riunite goes with whatever food is on your table. Pizza and pasta are obvious favorites, but we also love Riunite with burgers, barbecue and chili. Friends and family are the only mandatory wine pairings on our list!

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Grape Variety Lambrusco
Type Red Wine
Country Italy
Body Medium
Region Emilia-Romagna
Brands No
Alcohol Volume 8.0%

The soils and climate of the Emilia-Romagna region are uniquely ideal for Lambrusco. But a grape's ability to thrive is also reliant on people. More than 1,800 small growers (with an average vineyard size of only five acres) meticulously nurture our Lambrusco grapes to ensure world-class quality.

Riunite is authentic to its roots! Lambrusco grew wild in Northern Italy before the age of Ancient Rome – that’s a long time to develop character! Great grapes make great wine. Lambrusco’s lush, crisp and slightly sweet character has made the wine a crowd-pleaser since an era when chariots and togas were all the rage.


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